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Frank Defeo

Frank Defeo

Yeah, it’s really me. I’m Frank Defeo, and yeah, it’s true, I’m probably one of the biggest webcam muscle stars you’re ever gonna meet. And I’m here to show it all off to you. You guys all know me by now: I’m handsome, hugely hung with a big package that shows up nicely in posing trunks. I have glutes that just don’t quit, biceps to beat the band, pecs and nipples you wanna lick until the cows come home. In short: I know muscle worship, and I’ve satisfied a select number of international muscle worshippers online for a few seasons now. You’ve seen my videos, you’ve heard my muscle podcasts, now come on in and meet ME. Yeah. I’m Frank Defeo. Enough said.

weight: 275 Lbs waist: 36 In. chest: 52 In. bicep: 21 In. thigh: 31 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 33
BUILD: Heavy Weight
subsub, 04/22/16
Live he's even better than in his videos: huge horny sexy!
rockyb, 04/22/16
He is such a hot muscle god! And he talks so dirty! Loved every minute of it!
Puff, 04/04/15
What a daddy he is! Strict, huge, brutal - the daddy that can protect or beat you, make you feel in paradise or put you down on your knees! He's a mountain of a man

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