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Originating Post: HD Camming
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I noticed that alot if the guys use HD while live on cam and their feed seem to be very choppy & freezes more often than not.

Now i know there's a few reason behind it like maybe lighting, connection, internet speed, etc., 

Was wondering if there's a "How-to" on how to deal with these situations?



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Using skyjocks should help that problem.

Jack Sargent

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Yes, we had that trouble.  Switching from HD to High quality broadcast seemed to help.  I have a fast cable internet connection.


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i msut try to skyjocks


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For HD, the guys need a stellar cam, and outrageously good connection, a fast processor on their end, to not be on any other sites at the same time.... 

And honestly, I really dont see a huge difference between the HD and High Quality (though I could be wrong.....)

Gordon Arkhos

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I do have a stellar cam and a really fast connection, but when I switched from HD to High quality broadcast the video quality became more fluid. From now on I will broadcast in High quality. Did you notice an improvement? Any difference?

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