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Originating Post: I thought that you might like to know
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I am a committed psephlogist (someone who studies elections) but outside that I have a vast number of interests including of course health and fitness (so this site with a large collection of people dedicated to keeping themselves fit and healthy gets my seal of approval)

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that inspired by several of the people here, especially the older ones such as Diego, and thanks to the abolition of weekend bus fares where I live, I have formally applied to join a gym. Now, this does not mean that I intend to become as big and as muscular as some of the people on here, but would like to know if (as part of the suggestions for the site) a gallery of people like myself who wish to improve themselves could be created with a view towards Jockbucks being awarded to the person who the community believes is making the best effort?



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Hello. I'm David - I'm one of the admins here on JockMenLive and JockGirlsLive

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that's an interesting idea

In the meantime, maybe you could become an amateur model and see if you can get tips for your efforts...?

you then could use the JockBucks you would get anyway you like

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