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Originating Post: Jockbucks refunding?
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I am 27, bi, and love, LOVE huge muscles. I like a man who can show it all off, be dirty and rough as hell, but gentle, too. I am a massive gamer and love all the new video game hunks!

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I posted this elsewhere on the forums but got no replies. I saved up 68 jockbucks and went into a private with a model for a private session. However, due to ridiculous amounts of lag I could not see the model moving at all. His camera would freeze then move moments later. I saw about 2 seconds out of a several minute session because of extreme lag issues. He was as confused as I was, and I asked if a refund was possible but he told me I would need to talk to support.



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I love two things. Muscle and Cat. Sorry, I already taken! Hehe P.S For models, I hope you guys use SkyJocks. I am into it :)

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Oh no. what a terrible experince. I hate when connection problem interupted. Yell


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Hello. I'm David - I'm one of the admins here on JockMenLive and JockGirlsLive

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I did respond in fact. Please check and let us know when with whom. Otherwise it's to generic - I cannot help

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