I wrote this topic because I semprei dreamed I could review the sessions I did with my favorite stallions on this site. I already miss the goodies that left this site, so imagine how it will be in a few years? I hope the Jock Men Live team can create this option someday.

It would work like this: By pressing the button that starts the session, the site would give us the option to record the entire session or not. If you answer yes, the whole session is being recorded and at the end, the site transfers the video to the profile of the payer.

I know, I know, there some inconsistences like: There a program which serves for record videos online? How would resell the videos work?. I made this topic more for idealism than pragmastism, however, I think that fixing all possible problems will increase the income of the site (and of the models too, perhaps) and increase the buying and selling options of the members.

What do you think. Discuss.