Due to the increasing hostility between Adobe and some of the other big players in the Computers industry, you may be starting to experience some problems accessing the chatrooms or going to private. We will address some of those issues in this thread.

Let's start with Safari on Apple laptop machines. Flash may get turned off from time to time, even without notice. If you are using Safari on a MacBook of sort, you may want to check  Safari's preferences as follow:

Tab: Security 
Plugin Internet: plugins must be enabled 
Click on Plug-in settings
Select Adobe Flash Player in the left column
Make sure it's ACTIVE for jockmenlive, cdn.jockmenlive, support.jockmenlive
(and equivalent settings for JockGirlsLive if you happen to be into musclegirls too)

P.S. I'm translating the names of the menus/preferences into english from my own mac, which is not in english. The names of the menu items might be slightly different on your machine, or even set in a different language altogether.