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Muscle Forums » General - News Problems Suggestions » Safari 11 - prevents streams from autoplay

Originating Post: Safari 11 - prevents streams from autoplay
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Hello. I'm David - I'm one of the admins here on JockMenLive and JockGirlsLive

Visit davidAdmin's page

By default Safari 11 prevents any stream comprising video and sound from auto playing unless the site has been previously authorized.

This might freeze the streams of the chatrooms (you would see just the firt frame) if you are coming onr this site for the first time after updating to Safari 11

To solve the problem you need to open Safari's Preferences, tab "Web Sites" select "Auto Play" in the left column then authorize this site

However we are studying this issue to see if we can solve it from our end



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That sounds very complicated problem, David.

Glad i am not safari user XD

But, I hope you can figure it out soon! (y)

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