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Originating Post: Suggestions!
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I am 27, bi, and love, LOVE huge muscles. I like a man who can show it all off, be dirty and rough as hell, but gentle, too. I am a massive gamer and love all the new video game hunks!

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I have a few suggestions for the admins. 


First, how about an area not unlike the cinema area you guys will be creating where we can post clips or trailer of porn movies we really like and want to share with other users?


Second, I'd personally like to be able to chat more with you admins, so what about a chatroom place where we can talk to you guys properly and in real time rather than on forum posts? 


Finally, how about an area to post our favourite avatar pictures that we can share with other users, or funny pictures, jokes or stories?



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I am a committed psephlogist (someone who studies elections) but outside that I have a vast number of interests including of course health and fitness (so this site with a large collection of people dedicated to keeping themselves fit and healthy gets my seal of approval)

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All exceptionally commendable ideas I say


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Hello. I'm David - I'm one of the admins here on JockMenLive and JockGirlsLive

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If youhave been following our latest updates, regarding your profiles pages, youmay have seen that we are actually moving in that direction

To talk to us admins more in real time, use the private messages - we answer them in real time as much as possible

As to you guys posting videos that have not been originated here on JockMen, we are looking into that but there are copyright issues that we need to clarify first

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