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Originating Post: Suggestions again!
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Joined: 08/07/15
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I am 27, bi, and love, LOVE huge muscles. I like a man who can show it all off, be dirty and rough as hell, but gentle, too. I am a massive gamer and love all the new video game hunks!

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Okay. So. How about a thread for our models to post some sexy snaps to entice us all to go private with them? 


For instance, I'd love to see Carin Cameron post a pic of himself wearing leather ;) The same goes for Gordon Muscle and any of the other studs on here - even other users ;)


Yeah I have a slight leather fetish, but my point is, snaps like these would definitely entice me to get some bucks and go private with the sexy models. Or maybe the thread could be of users telling models a fetish and the models send them a snap via private messaging to entice them to come hither? ;)



Joined: 12/29/15
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29. Tall. Brown eyes. Hairy. I love huskies. Pleasure seeker.

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I think they've already done that hehe

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