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Originating Post: This suggestion is for the models!
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I am 27, bi, and love, LOVE huge muscles. I like a man who can show it all off, be dirty and rough as hell, but gentle, too. I am a massive gamer and love all the new video game hunks!

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Okay, stop me if you think this idea sucks. I was thinking there could be a system in place for you guys to allow a user who has many privates with you, or who you simply enjoy talking with to occasionally have a private for either free or less jockbucks. A sort of rewards system, if you will. The benefit for you is that it could provide more exposure for you as the user will no doubt tell their friends about how awesome you are, which will attract more people to the site, which in turn will have more people doing private shows with you. I dunno. Maybe I'm just reaching here. I do think a rewards system would be cool though, for both users and models. 



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Hello. I'm David - I'm one of the admins here on JockMenLive and JockGirlsLive

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We will think of it

If you book a show you save 10% - not exactly the same thing but I thought you might be interested in knowing

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