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Originating Post: Chris Hemsworth
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Joined: 09/22/17
369 topics, 1625 replies

muscle forum, male, idol, crush, knew, before, thor, movies, really, growing, since, then, mountain, man, tall, strikingly, handsome, funny, with, powerful, physique, hammer, want, meet



Joined: 09/22/17
369 topics, 1625 replies
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He is my idol crush. Knew him before the Thor movies and he is really growing since then!


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I always look for the best in people. When I find it, that is such a beautiful thing. I love meeting new people, especially those with a generous heart, well-meaning intentions, a fun sense of humour and are willing to listen. Am into fitness and love the feel of muscles growing. Being held by the strongest, hottest arms with warm breath on my neck gets me so hard. So aroused. Making someone feel special is so important to me. Physically, spiritually and emotionally I need that special someone. Having someone hold onto my hard, toned body and make me their sexual plaything is forever welcome. I am open to all and any new experiences: muscle worship, domination, role play, group sex, use of sex toys... You got it, I want it! I spend as much time outdoors as possible. I love walking, sight-seeing and climbing. Finding new places and discovering awesome views is such a thrill! I'm a fun, open and physical guy who likes to share ideas, views and experiences.

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He is a mountain of a man! Tall, strikingly handsome, funny and with a powerful physique! By Thor's hammer I want to meet him!

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