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Originating Post: Alexander Ludwig - From Vikings
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Nadaris Diesel

Joined: 07/01/16
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Hi, I'm a fair guy, I like to have fun, I like to spend time online will expect my room to have fun,

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muscle forum, male, with, glasses, would, remember, first, seeing, escape, witch, mountain, grown, nice, strong, liek, this, actor, should, thsi, movie



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oh my god, with glasses would be so hot


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Living the life in the windy city, Loves cooking, baking, movies, music, muscles, abs, thick cocks, dirty talk, origami, and just having lots of fun.

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I remember first seeing him on Escape to Witch Mountain...he's grown up nice


Joined: 07/01/16
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Strong guy!!


Joined: 07/02/16
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i liek this actor

I should se thsi movie to

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