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Bodybuilder Diego

Joined: 02/05/15
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I’m BodybuilderDiego, Silver & 2 Bronze Medals in the space of two months! (April/May 2017) (IFBB Federated as of June 2015 & AEFF Federated from Nov 2015), competing as of Nov 2015. I’m the masculine, muscular bodybuilder you want to get to know better. Many want their bodybuilders to have some years of hardcore experience behind them. And that’s me, too. I’m here to present you with the best, hottest live shows you can ever hope to see, so check me out see what the moves of a real man look like. If mind-blowing masculinity defined is what brought you to JockMenLive, then I’m the man you want in chat, and right now. You see – I understand what you’re really looking for. You'll find I specialise in sportsgear, swimwear, worker/labourer gear, leather or nude. A real man with kick ass attitude.

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Been in training guys so not been on much, the month of June & the rest of July, book me to get online. I am doing lots of posing nude by the pool, see some of the vids I uploaded, they are shot down by the pool. Get booking me & get online with me motherfuckers.



Joined: 04/03/16
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Sure I will... Ive chatted with you some while ago.... great guy

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