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Originating Post: Favorite Comedy Actor?
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I’m Christian Diesel, and I’m not about being a pretty fitness model. I’ve long worked as a personal bodyguard, and with my big muscles and hard attitude, I know all about when discipline and punishment need to be meted out. I’m as big and tough a dude as you’re gonna meet anywhere, and at close to 280 pounds of hard, solid Muscle Master power, when you bump into me it’s like running into a brick wall. But I got a quiet, reflective side, too, which usually comes out when I’m inspecting the size of my tool. Hey – I got some natural gifts going on here. So why not benefit from that? Like, right now. Just do it.

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Ashton Kutcher it hot


Nadaris Diesel

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Hi, I'm a fair guy, I like to have fun, I like to spend time online will expect my room to have fun,

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Dwayne Johnson is a good actor in both action and comedy movies.


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Chris Pratt!


Joined: 09/22/17
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Nadaris Diesel said:
Dwayne Johnson is a good actor in both action and comedy movies.

How could you deny the hotness of chris pratt??


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I always look for the best in people. When I find it, that is such a beautiful thing. I love meeting new people, especially those with a generous heart, well-meaning intentions, a fun sense of humour and are willing to listen. Am into fitness and love the feel of muscles growing. Being held by the strongest, hottest arms with warm breath on my neck gets me so hard. So aroused. Making someone feel special is so important to me. Physically, spiritually and emotionally I need that special someone. Having someone hold onto my hard, toned body and make me their sexual plaything is forever welcome. I am open to all and any new experiences: muscle worship, domination, role play, group sex, use of sex toys... You got it, I want it! I spend as much time outdoors as possible. I love walking, sight-seeing and climbing. Finding new places and discovering awesome views is such a thrill! I'm a fun, open and physical guy who likes to share ideas, views and experiences.

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So mnay talented actors to choose from! I do greatly admire David Hyde Pierce as Niles from "Frasier" and love anything starring Will Ferrell!

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