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Master Black

Joined: 04/01/16
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I'm a natural born alpha male. Most so-called alphas these days just want the title of alpha because they want to feel powerful. They have no idea of the time, dedication, effort, and balance that is required to be a true alpha. Being an alpha is not something to take lightly and not something to parade around like a trophy or as a way to say "Hey, look at me!" Being an alpha is not an ego trip, not something for those who just want to feel special, and is not something that is automatically bestowed upon you. Just like respect, the title of alpha is earned, not given. Being an alpha is who you are, not just a stupid title you took for yourself to boost your ego. I'm not dominant with everyone or all the time, it depends on the person I am interacting with, we can have fun in many ways... it all depends

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I’m Christian Diesel, and I’m not about being a pretty fitness model. I’ve long worked as a personal bodyguard, and with my big muscles and hard attitude, I know all about when discipline and punishment need to be meted out. I’m as big and tough a dude as you’re gonna meet anywhere, and at close to 280 pounds of hard, solid Muscle Master power, when you bump into me it’s like running into a brick wall. But I got a quiet, reflective side, too, which usually comes out when I’m inspecting the size of my tool. Hey – I got some natural gifts going on here. So why not benefit from that? Like, right now. Just do it.

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