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Muscle Forums » Muscle Persuasion - Petition your Favorite Man » Okay guys, I need your help in recruiting!

Originating Post: Okay guys, I need your help in recruiting!
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Joined: 08/07/15
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I am 27, bi, and love, LOVE huge muscles. I like a man who can show it all off, be dirty and rough as hell, but gentle, too. I am a massive gamer and love all the new video game hunks!

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I found a model. His is on LiveMuscleShow, I am afraid, but he is huge and I mean HUGE. He goes by the name Dark Jack. Can someone help me recruit him here? He'd be amazing! 



Joined: 05/15/15
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Sound nice, he has hugh muscle but I didn't see his private video clip Smile


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Hello. I'm David - I'm one of the admins here on JockMenLive and JockGirlsLive

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THank you guys very much for your efforts Smile

We will very gratefully welcome any new athletes that you will be able to recruit... 

...and we'll be generous with you guys if you succeed ;-)


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I love two things. Muscle and Cat. Sorry, I already taken! Hehe P.S For models, I hope you guys use SkyJocks. I am into it :)

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Wow just saw his picture there. He is gorgeous! Please bring him Embarassed


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I love it that you guys are making this site your own - this was ALWAYS our hope!

Besides recruiting models, we also need to keep them.  When these guys are on a site like Flirt, they get a small franction of what you are paying them... BUT - they are busy with registered users.

What would help a lot is if you guys spend more time "training" our guys - esp the new ones!  Even if you don't have much money in your account, even just stopping by to say hello would help so very much. 

If you actually like one of our guys, but he's never online?  PLEASE BOOK THEM.  Really;  sending a booking message, spending even free time with them, throwing out tips now and then - that KEEPS the guys around.

If you notice, the older smarter guys are patient - they understand that they need to build a client base and really have relationships with you.  But, the newer guys, and the flirt4free type of guys - well, they were trained to work on a site where the idea is to have 1000 customers you dont give a fuck about and jerk off for a dollar a minute.  When we try and tell them "We don't EVEN want to be Flirt! WE ARE DIFFERENT! " - sometimes they just don't get it!


So - PLEASE - help us out by spending time with the guys in free chat, throwing some tips now and then,  LEAVING REVIEWS.... and telling the men why we are NOT flirt4free, and that we don't WANT to be flirt4free!


(Oh - and book shows!  The nice thing about booking is you can negotiate your show in advance, so - no wasted time!)



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he's truly amazing 

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