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Jay Muscle

Jay Muscle

I’m Jay Muscle, and I’m the U.K’s most experienced muscle Adonis for exclusive clients who demand the \"best of the best\", all for an un-rushed webcam experience. Naturally an exhibitionist, I thoroughly enjoy this job, offering services to fit everyone\'s tastes: Huge Dominant Straight Stud, Cocky Jock, Massive Muscle Monster, Powerful Lift and Carry, and more. Remember that hot muscle jock you would secretly watch working out at the gym? I look better than he does, and he asks ME for workout advice! No disappointments what so ever, I love showing off my massive body to satisfy your muscle addiction! You will be blown away by my sheer size. And just to put my size in perspective here are a few lifting FAQs - Squat 360 kg, Bench 260 kg, Overhead 170 kg x 5! Biceps? A good 23”. Chest? DON’T ASK. And if there’s one thing I LOVE – it’s to lift and carry! Just picture me throwing you around like a rag doll!

weight: 280 Lbs waist: 35 In. chest: 62 In. bicep: 23 In. thigh: 34 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 29
BUILD: Heavy Weight
Sherlock, 07/31/15
Super huge, super hot muscle show in a dungeon.
Sherlock, 07/24/15
Huge hot muscle guy!
arkrider62, 02/12/15
Jay Muscle is the BEAR. Super huge sex as hell. Can't get enough. Spent all my credts but will be back tomorrow.

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