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I’m Christian Diesel, and I’m not about being a pretty fitness model. I’ve long worked as a personal bodyguard, and with my big muscles and hard attitude, I know all about when discipline and punishment need to be meted out. I’m as big and tough a dude as you’re gonna meet anywhere, and at close to 280 pounds of hard, solid Muscle Master power, when you bump into me it’s like running into a brick wall. But I got a quiet, reflective side, too, which usually comes out when I’m inspecting the size of my tool. Hey – I got some natural gifts going on here. So why not benefit from that? Like, right now. Just do it.

weight: 210 Lbs waist: 40 In. chest: 52 In. bicep: 19 In. thigh: 28 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 35
BUILD: Heavy Weight
Harvin, 11/24/17
superb man!!!!!!!! really awesome!!!!
musclewanter, 08/10/17
sexy guy
IntoBubbleButts, 08/09/17
you have the most amazing ass!!!! tipped you at the end...
BisexArtur, 11/25/16
StreetKing, 07/26/16
very great man love it
MusclesXXL, 07/23/16
wonderful body cute face love that bubble ass
DeadWalker, 07/22/16
Great Pecs Great Nipples!!
MusclesFit, 07/20/16
Most bubble ass i ever seen !!! Incredible body Worths to be seen !!!
SuperPumped, 07/19/16
Incredible Nice Guy Very good in what dooin Worths to see it in a show
Bored, 07/19/16
very good show I loved it wil be back
BreakinBad, 07/17/16
very great performance will be back for more
Stranger, 07/10/16
SuperPumped, 07/09/16
very great ass Most bubble ass i ever seen
FiberMuscle, 07/05/16
very great show i love hes bubble ass
WorshipU013, 09/28/15
He is really nice, very creative & triesPlease you always, does his part!!
hotmusclelvr, 05/31/15
You have the pefect beefy muscle bod that I luv. Your body is magnificently beautiful and you really show it off to great advantage. All I can say is that I'm "in love" Definitely 5 stars (if not 1,000 stars)

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