While we are waiting for to itemize his wish list and training needs, feel free to contribute any amount - will appreciate it, and it will help cover his gym fees, training, competition costs - and you'll know you've helped sponsor a worthy athlete and achieve his maximum growth!

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AlexX Smith

AlexX Smith

Hello, Thank you for looking at my profile. Many quality choices to choose from here so it ultimately must be the personality that sets one apart. I strive to make all shows and experiences fun and enjoyable. I am a 5 11 235 ex college FB player now just a gym rat. I am also a former Stockbroker/Foreign Currency broker and Asset Protection broker. I am able to talk on quite a few topics, at least I strive too. I am VERY VERBAL VERY DOMINANT and that is my natural makeup it is not an cat. So if you feel that this would be a good fit come into my room and say hello!! Thanks again.. Alex

weight: 235 Lbs waist: 34 In. chest: 50 In. bicep: 19 In. thigh: 28 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 49
BUILD: Heavy Weight

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