While we are waiting for to itemize his wish list and training needs, feel free to contribute any amount - will appreciate it, and it will help cover his gym fees, training, competition costs - and you'll know you've helped sponsor a worthy athlete and achieve his maximum growth!

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Markus Borgoff

Markus Borgoff

A vessel of invincibility, upholding justice against everything prowling in the darkness, I will stand tall and proud till the final moment, shootin' fire out my eyes and thunder out my arse, as William Wallace so subtly put it back in the 1600s or something... Just kiddin' man…Just jokin' man… Just kickin ass and takin names man… I need to change this description of me. Maybe you can help with your reviews.:* Course, what you can start with might be: ripped abs, handsome, tall, hung, hard, beard, vascular, rich & famous rock n roller, etc etc etc….just a suggestion….

weight: 210 Lbs waist: 34 In. chest: 49 In. bicep: 19 In. thigh: 25 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: -20
BUILD: Mid Weight
mark2104, 09/08/16
awesome guy
mysterious, 04/20/16
Markus is something mysterious at first you may say no but once you get to know him little rough on the edge , great chatter , amazing body and a dream of a man that you wish once in your life time you don't mind meeting . Need to get more pvt with him that is for sure soon
JohnnyG, 09/09/15
Markus Borgoff is muscle sex. Huge, perfect, a GOD.
Puff, 09/09/15
Markus is in an astonishingly awesome shape!
pauloxxx, 08/31/15
Fuckin' HOT!!!
Origamigui, 04/02/15
Charming, attractive, amazing body, great posing and an awesome performer....he'll get you off & then some
DOC2003, 03/25/15
what about audio
Puff, 03/22/15
He is as manly as a man can be! All those muscles and that cigar - mmm... he is intoxicating
scottyboy, 03/10/15
mysterious, 02/27/15
you are the best
kevcanada, 02/27/15
sexy sexy sexy
puppybear, 02/12/15
If you never talk to another guy, do Markus. Total gentleman, always tries to make you happy. Great way to start the day.

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