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Ian Hunk

Ian Hunk

Lets see where should i begin with my likes? well i like to go to the mall, shopping, hang out with my friens, play soccer, go to the gym, travel, fish, camp, play pool, shoot darts, read, swim, movies, eat, try new restaurants,try new places to travel,i love cars very much,also i love conception of family and care about something or someone.I am very ambitious guy and opened to any sexual desire,i also love cuming,ass play,nipple play,flexing my big arms,domination but i also love meet new friends on site with who i can share my life story wich is very intersting :)Ohh forgot:i love privates and tips lol who doesn t haha kisses all and can t wait to meet us!! my big fantasy is something romantic !! making love outside while it's raining !! something like a movie . romance and full of passion!!I am not really sure if it is a fantasy but I love cuddling and hugging. !!!!!!!!! :)I am a dreamer boy so every fantasy try to make it real :) Anal, Armpit, Legs, Nipple Play, Slaves, Smoking, Wrestling,cuming,power exchange,sugar daddy,big legs,ass play,tatoos worship :) Well i guess the question should be what fetishes dont i have lol, i love leather,smoking, feet, armpits, public sex, love domination, im all over the map but this should excite you guys. a guy with very few limitations come and try me outIF YOUR INTERESTED IN MY PRIVATE THINGS I WOULD APPRECIATE THAT YOU RESPECT THEM AS WELL I WILL DO IT WITH YOU. Dude, this is fun! You just tell me and let\'s make it happen. I\'ve done a lot and wish to do even more!If u need something else than what is here on this site where everybody are just sex toys join me ;) Im the best guy ever,enjoy me and u won t regret any single moment,with a large experience in videochat i can make ur dreams come true ;) I want meet some friends nice to me,know us better could make a great future for both,single guy here so don t hesitate to join me private,rugby natural player big as fuck,see ya better than rest stronger than all ;) I M NOT SEXUAL SLAVE LIKE OTHERS FROM HERE DOING AL SHITS FOR SOME FEW MONEY,I DO WHAT I WANT AND IF I WANT ,IF I LIKE IT WE WILL HAVE FUN IF NOT I DON T MOVE A FINGER SO IS UP TO U ALL WHEN U COMIN PVT,I HAVE PERSONALITY AND I NEVER DO WHAT OTHER WANT IF I DON T WANT,KISSSS GUYSSZZZPS: here to socilaize, having fun, make some money and maybe to fall in love . Be the unique one and get my heart

weight: 245 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 28
BUILD: Heavy Weight
COUNTRY: Albania
topstud0531, 10/12/18
u r good at holding me in the room for a long time!
topstud0531, 10/12/18
ill get more jock bucks
wbeck2277, 05/13/18
Oh yeah I love it
musclewanter, 01/05/18
hot fukker
wbeck2277, 12/12/17
Oh Man
superhero_destroyer, 12/07/17
WOW... SO HOT!!!
dawgman, 10/23/17
tried again but he's too slow for my taste
dawgman, 10/20/17
saw nothing, not happy with this show
musclewanter, 07/30/17
Well worth eveqy penny, sexy guy .ond of the best around

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