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Mikey Brant

Mikey Brant

Hey! I like to be admired and go to gym daily and related to sex, I would love to find that special guy who knows how to love me just the way I am and please me how I like> Mmmm.. Im a bit nervous to tell you but what the heck, I will tell you my fantasy... it involves 3 strong men like me in a naked wrestling contest so what we can wrestle with our cocks :) I like to masturbate in front of the mirror to discover myself. open minded person with a good sense of humor and a small dose of craziness... but this its me so who doesn't like me I don't really care. The only reason I'm here is to have as much fun as I can possible get. Let's have some unforgetable moments together I love having fun and meeting new friends with whom I can share good times and offer pleasure till exhaustion. I have a sweet young smile and if you want to see it more often, make it happen :)

weight: 150 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 29
BUILD: Fitness Model
COUNTRY: United States

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