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Lord Chris

Lord Chris

I am a lifestyle God and Dominant. I live this life! Dominating Men is the first nature to Me. You will be addicted.I adore surprises! Positive feedback. I'm that guy you wanted to reach out and have your way with.I love it when a guy does as he is told and knows that he is there to service me. When it comes to sex there is something inside me that takes over and my natural instincts take over and I become an animal. Let me know exactly what gets you off and how you would service me. I expect you to worship my worked out body. Down on your knees, bitch .Open wide so you can swallow my rock hard cock. Become my cock slave. I LOVE the sport of wrestling, having played in school (first base). Lifting and working out with buddies is one of my favorite things to do when I'm not at my job. Travel, computers and technology, bars and clubs, coffee shops, shopping, parks and music round out my varied interests. I am an open minded there are no limits about what i can do ! Join me in private show and guide me ! this way i"ll give you the best show you ever had it !! there are alots of fantasies and just tell me wich one you wanna play !! Looking for naked jock body? thats Me! Come on in buddy , just take your clothes off asap or we're gonna tug those pants off of you lol. You don't mind if we get hard and leak pre while i work out do you? Probably gonna lift naked, do some serious stretches and give each other a group oil massage after to calm down. If you like to hang out naked with me and prefer hung muscle jocks dude GET OVER HERE! lol Dude I can bring your rp and fantasies to LIFE.

weight: 215 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 33
BUILD: Heavy Weight
COUNTRY: Romania
BigLukeII, 02/22/18
Fabulous body and very accomodating. I would have gone longer but we encountered technical difficulties with the audio
wbeck7333, 12/26/17
massive muscles
buffdudeuk, 12/25/17
kept t-shirt on. hoped to see more skin
wbeck2277, 11/30/17
Hello Mike
wbeck2277, 11/30/17
would you like to fuck me sometime?
wbeck2277, 11/18/17
100 jock bucks
wbeck2277, 11/16/17
Flex your arm for me.
jocko, 10/23/17
Didn't like his attitude
Morben, 10/15/17
Great Guy with an amazing physique and great attitude - he's a bit of a tease in a good way but when he gets backed every bit of him is perfect. Seems like a nice and friendly guy. Can't wait to chat with him again :)

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