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Bobby Hunter

Bobby Hunter

Twitter @attorneyRobert8. I want to take you under my wing for a mixture of suffering and euphoria. I drill deep into your thoughts to awaken your animal nature. Through service to me you will make permanent changes to defeat feelings of loneliness. I know the way and I've triumphed over struggles in my life.However you must be broken down to be built up. To begin our journey requires devoting yourself to me and building mutual trust. Let me fill you spiritually, sexually, and dominate you by controlling your mind, body, and purse strings. and delve into my deep emotional bliss. When you watched Silence of the Lambs did Dr. Hannibal Lector frighten and arouse you? You want the real thing? I believe I am the only one on this site who had otherwise passing psychiatry application scores, but was refused admission based on "moral turpitude" grounds. So yes, I am warped but also clever. Possibly even mad. Alpha Male Worship - surrender yourself to drinking in my body, my feet, legs, asshole, cock, abs, armpits and muscles; foot fetish; socks; business suit corporate domination; and jockstrap play. Cum here piggy.Tease and denial -mental suggestion, ass worship; humiliation; CBT; jerk off instructions; total orgasm control.Sissy Training - feminization and sissification; cuckolding. Apply by whisperFinancial Domination - apply by whisper. Slavery in my world is both legal and encouraged; allow addiction to my control to set in through my subliminal messaging; beg to lick my seed off the floor and service all my straight buddies; worship and lick my smooth Aryan balls and my hairy asscrack; lose to a superior alpha who is already well established, simply because I look better enjoying your funds; grant this attorney access to your accounts and feed your addiction to losing; become my income producing chattel - if you're good looking you'll join my studio and work on cam to serve me. Do you want to feel you matter again, that you are loved? We all want that feeling, of passion and romance and intense love, which for many is fleeting. I take my position as an alpha man in your life.I'll share the following merely as background, to give you my brief story. I've lived through my share of success, defeat, triumph and perseverance. I graduated cum laude from a top 12 law school and now head up a thriving business during the day. I come online at night to meet new people. I drive a rare, collectible and powerful Dodge Viper.This may all sound like a charmed life to you. But it's not as great as it seems. Despite accolades in academia, my profession, and even semi-pro exotic car racing, I still feel unfulfilled and quite lonely, especially in bed at night. Do you feel loneliness dragging you down? I know all of us hold great beauty inside our spirits. Communicate with me and love me. I will give it back so hard. Alone at night or on a holiday have you felt you didn't matter and that you were hopelessly alone in life? Well it's untrue, and I can care about you. Tell me about your life, your stories and interests, and let me share mine. We can be together and win.Confide in me your insecurities and secrets. Submit to my guidance.

weight: 185 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 33
BUILD: Mid Weight
COUNTRY: United States

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