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Matty Steel

Matty Steel

Cock and ball torture (CBT / cbt) is my talent. I love exploring what they can do and I'm looking for guys that can help me push my limits to eye-widening levels.My favourite things are:- Stretching my cock and balls like elastic and trying to break records with how far they can stretch - Crushing my cock and balls, trying to see if I can get them paper thin- Pumping my junk up to twice their plumpness - Using electro to make my cock and balls convulse- Using my cock and balls as a boxing bag - Seeing how many weights I can tie to my cock and ballsI'm open to new ideas and love to hear them. I love to play the victim begging for you to stop or play the super hero with indestructible junk that you just cannot destroy.I'm ready to amaze you. Come say hi and see something you have never seen before.Matty STEEL Having the strength of my cock and balls tested to their limits, tied up and stretched to my knees, pumped to huge sizes, boxed like a speed bag, foreskin stretched, my cock and balls viced and much more. Cock Ball Torutre, Lycra, Wrestling, Ropes, Weight hanging, Vice, Electro, Penis Pump and much more. Come play rough with my junk ;-) Private shows are usually for privacy - I still expect tips in private for torture as I have to regulate it somehow, but I am happy to have a very low private rate as long as you tip for brutalising my junk ;-) But we can negotiate

weight: 200 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 29
BUILD: Mid Weight
COUNTRY: United States

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