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Hayden Hill

Hayden Hill

I'm an active, athletic and funny guy. I love with benefit, it's good to spend it . I'm always full of fantasies and I'm ready to realize time;). I dream that we meet in a public library, while I'm checking books for my course work. U look sexy and my dick's starting to grow as I spy u, peeping out from my books. then, suddenly u catch me spying - u come to me and sit down to my hips. After a kiss I take you to a secret corner and fuck you nice and hard, you can feel my dick well, but we have to be quiet - it's a library. You let me come inside, and to thank you I kiss you hard. I'm excited by cool intimate haircuts, a beautiful sports body and sunburn. I really love traveling, I often think about plans for life and how to spend my time. I always follow my intuition and she never fails me . never. = P I put a lot of energy into my body and now I\'m ready to share it not only with a mirror in the gym.Since I\'m young and energetic, I often go extreme with crazy ideas, partying, and sex ;)

weight: 140 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 24
BUILD: Fitness Model

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