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Dann Adams

Dann Adams

I'm a midwesterner at heart. Love the outdoors, backpacking for days. I think that background has toughened me up in life. I know times can be tough for us all but sex can be a great release and break from the negative things in our lives. I really get off knowing that I'm pleasing someone. It has always been about what you want. My body given, taken, used or enjoyed for your desires and fantasies. That and cigars. Something about a man smoking a cigar that drives me wild. haha but not a requirement by any means. Feel free to let me know your fantasies. You're in a judge FREE zone with me so you can feel safe expressing yourself or talk about what you have going on. Leather, Bondage, Blindfolds, Hoods, BB, Cum, Restraints, Rope, Cigar, Private time with me is all about you! I get off knowing you're getting off. Please expect to talk during private and to help let me know what really makes you nutz! Let's work together to explore your desires, fantasies. Top or Bottom or all the flavors in between. Let's get it done! I also am available to chat, connect and get to know you. I have many friends that enjoy another non-judgemental person to explore their thoughts, life, as well as the sexual side. I also work with my hands when I can. I build furniture and other things at home as well as reupholstering things as they pop up from friends or networks. I designed a home that I plan to build as much of it myself as possible. I'm currently looking for a few acres of land to make and set up a cute sustainable green off grid life and you all well be able to join with me along this journey. So, thank you for helping me achieve my dreams as much as the sexual adventures we've shared together.

weight: 150 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 32
BUILD: Fitness Model
COUNTRY: United States

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