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Mateo Salas

Mateo Salas

I love music, an excellent company, I love sports, to dance Sensually, I am lover of the speed and the risk, the adrenaline puts me on. To do exercise is my biggest passion, I have a lot of time to be training in gymnasia and feel that I can give more, one of my tastes is to take part in international tournaments, where I can prove my real physical condition and have informed and gained many contests but I always want more and more, I know that I can come very far since I am young and I have the discipline needed to achieve my goals. Sex without consent, meet the most innovative fantasies of creative friends, I love ropes, and having control, being dominated can be exciting. I like to play with my muscles, flexionar my arms and to show the strong and delicate thing that I can become if I have the suitable company, laughing is an excellent therapy before the sex, it relaxes me very much and does that it is more ready to do madnesses. It excites to me too much to think about an experience interacial, where it could have relations with persons of different nationalities, colors and cultures. I like realizing very much push-ups spectacles, showing the five-peseta coins that I can put my muscles and doing contests time exposures, he makes me feel that admired and excites many to me. Also I like giving consultancies and chats of motivation where I give my opinion about the physical state of those who share my taste for the muscles. I am a ballet dancer with sensual movements, I can teach you unimaginable ways of moving the body, allow me to be your teacher of the seduction. It is very motivating to know new persons and to receive sweet talk of my body, since I have worked very hard for coming where I am and I like sharing with my admirers, receiving advices, knowing the desires and fantasies of each of them, that makes me want to improve and fulfill many fantasies. Striper, great elasticity, personal trainer, so many years of training and formation allow me to advise in habits of feeding and routines of exercise.

weight: 180 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 22
BUILD: Mid Weight
COUNTRY: Colombia

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