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Jester Mills

Jester Mills

What's up guys! my name is Jester Mills, I'm 26, a former millitar officer and G.I. Joe, and I like to dominate dudes wearing all my uniforms. Well, fantasies are realities to me, once I fucked a dude and a chick at the same time, so I would like to try with two male pals with nice asses, I'm not a chatter, I'm a fucker, so I would like to have to dudes craving for my cock to fill them with my man milk I'm obsessed with bad words and domination, when I got laid I love to insult the chick I'm fucking and make her mine, hope you guys are ready for a nasrty man whio enjoys raw and pure sex in every form. I've been in the army, so I know how to train men with my huge cock and ripped body. I enjoy role-play a lot, a frigging' lot! I have tons of uniforms, so be ready to watch me all hard and stiff all dress up just to humiliate you and give you a real man to man sexual experience. I'm open to anything as soon I'm on charge, I'm a straight dude who likes to be on top, so get ready for sessions full of pure macho meat and domination

weight: 180 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 24
BUILD: Mid Weight
COUNTRY: Hungary

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