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Drew Sumrok

Drew Sumrok

Drew Sumrok is a talented and easily recognizable American performer, porn actor, producer, model, and artist. He has starred in over 20 films and scenes with a wide variety of subject material and produced by an array of major studios. He has performed at over 25 events and parties, ranging from regular bar appearances and go-go dancing to live sex performances at venues such as the Nob Hill Theatre and Cherries on the Bay. When he isn't pushing the sexual and emotional boundaries of the human body, Drew is focused on staying in peak physical condition. A natural athlete, his journey began as an a avid track and field competitor throughout his academic career. Also a competitive swimmer, Drew's coaches immersed him in an athletic lifestyle, which led to his love of lifting weights and emulating the ideals of bodybuilding.

weight: 195 Lbs waist: 32 In. chest: 48 In. bicep: 18 In. thigh: 24 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 42
BUILD: Mid Weight
Puff, 08/23/15
He has a great cock, ripped body and great sense of humor - it's guranteed fun! Pity for the tech issues, hope he will repeat the show now that all has been fixed
MusclLuv, 08/23/15
Fantastic cock too.
MusclLuv, 08/23/15
This man is so freaking hot. Beautiful bubble butt - sexy, talkative, washboard abs! Ran out of credits, but this show was hawt!
Origamigui, 08/23/15
HAWT SHOW!!!! pumped body, nice ass, and a personality for days. coming back for more!!!

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