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There's not enough space here to describe myself. I will say just I am a man who love to build his muscles, and I have a well balanced body! Ripped abs, masculine, vascular. I will not talk here about how sexy my butt is, and how hot and horny I get when I show off my body (mirror flexing is a huge turn on for me). So take the time right now to find more things about me. You’ll be glad you did. PS I am very handsome, too – if you like young muscle daddy types.

weight: 200 Lbs waist: 30 In. chest: 49 In. bicep: 18 In. thigh: 26 In.

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Private Message
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 38
BUILD: Mid Weight
JohnnyG, 02/15/16
The most perfect ass in the world.
gargantua, 02/07/16
Nice man - more than nice muscles
JohnnyG, 01/14/16
Great flex and pose show!
JohnnyG, 01/07/16
huge, muscular, charming and gets naked really fast.
ruffbear7, 09/24/15
weltenbummler, 08/26/15
He's an awesome show man. Great performance!!
gyming1980, 08/05/15
Great show and an amazing ass
bigblokex, 07/28/15
Amazing Massive Legs
MusclePaddy, 06/20/15
hottest session to date this dude seriously rules
MusclePaddy, 06/15/15
Emilio rocked me, as usual. Approach with caution. He's addictive ;)
HungShorty, 06/12/15
hilbkw, 06/09/15
the picture kept cutting in and out during private
xxxmusclestud, 05/28/15
Very hot.
HungShorty, 05/26/15
MusclePaddy, 05/20/15
Emilio is so hot and totally sweet! Showed me his big cock, licked his big biceps, gave me close up pec flexes, showed me his beautiful ass-EVERYTHING! He is definitely worth the time.
muscleview, 05/18/15
Thanks I enjoyed it. I cab sure tell that you are a serious bodybuilder by your well proportioned body
Sherlock, 05/13/15
This guy is my absolute fave. Perfect muscles, perfect show - each and every muscle begs to be licked, touched, fondled. Thank you for another great show Emilio!!!!!
MusclePaddy, 05/02/15
Sorry for leaving so abruptly, Emilio. I am new to this software LOL I wish I could tip more, but I don't have a lot of money, yet. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Your body is so beautiful, and you are so handsome!!! Best of luck in your competition! I will talk to you soon.
Marco, 05/01/15
HOT HOT HOT! Awesome Dude!
Marco, 04/30/15
Emilio knows how to use his muscles ;) Super hot!
Marco, 04/25/15
Marco, 04/25/15
Awesome Dude! Great shows,perfect dick,great muscles.
doubletom, 04/23/15
So far so good
Sherlock, 04/14/15
Fantastic! Smooth and wonderful!
Origamigui, 03/25/15
HOT session....everything on him was rock hard...the abs, the biceps, the dick....so good....i give it three cocks up. LOL
Mamma, 03/25/15
This man gives great ass!

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