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They call me Spartan – so think about what the muscle warriors looked like in “The 300”. Cause that’s me: a muscle warrior, ripped and hard. These days you gotta have muscle to make an impression in a tough world, and I’m the guy who’s ready for all comers. Me: heavyweight competition bodybuilder daddy, generous with muscle and sure of himself. You: eager muscle fan ready to learn what big flexing is all about at the hands of a master. You a little shy? Don’t worry, I’ll bring you out. Only thing: mind your manners. You don’t want to irritate a 250-pound muscle master, do you? Ask me about my specs!

weight: 245 Lbs waist: 36 In. chest: 54 In. bicep: 21 In. thigh: 32 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 38
BUILD: Heavy Weight
MuscleBear123, 06/03/15
That was amazing you are a hunk
bernus1990, 05/26/15
huge performer....love to show is perfect body
Puff, 05/17/15
Spartan is a gentleman in a suit of steel muscle! Somebody who can stun you with his powerful pecs and gunz but somebody whom you can talk to too
Latinmuscle, 05/10/15
an absolute musclegod
roger249, 05/10/15
soccerjock, 05/01/15
Hot SHOW!!! The Best Ever!!
hungry4muscle, 04/18/15
Hottest muscleman on here. No one better.... NO ONE!!!!
Sherlock, 04/14/15
Huge man for true muscle fans. Giant wings, amazing biceps. Plus, Spartan is a lot of fun. He made my day!
nicktaylor, 04/11/15
make me feel so so hot, still...
senatorelect, 04/09/15
Good. Listens to what you ask :)
goldeb_guy, 03/11/15
goldeb_guy, 03/07/15
msclfrk, 03/06/15
Awesome ! Looks great !
Tavares, 03/04/15
Love the cum shot
Tavares, 03/04/15
Nice Show!
sexylover47, 02/22/15
love your body baby
charloux, 02/20/15
Spartan, is so amazing. Very muscular. Big bicep and pec. He gave a very good show. He is so good in private. Thanks for all.
rgb203, 02/19/15
Very sexy. Big muscles.
arkrider62, 02/13/15
Spartan is so big, so huge, so unbelievably gigantic everywhere. I want to lick ever inch of his hard body and let him squeeze me til it hurts. Did I mention he's HUGE?

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