While we are waiting for to itemize his wish list and training needs, feel free to contribute any amount - will appreciate it, and it will help cover his gym fees, training, competition costs - and you'll know you've helped sponsor a worthy athlete and achieve his maximum growth!

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Joshua Armstrong

Joshua Armstrong

I’m Joshua Armstrong. I’m extremely alpha, undeniably masculine, and – most importantly – shredded! I have an unfailing desire to please each and every one of my fans with my Adonis body and my HD equipment to match. I love showing off - and I offer attributes that will please even the most demanding clients. Brawn and brains – what a match, right? By day, I’m a highly skilled IT consultant (a nerd, some say), building my career by solving the IT problems of my clients. But by night? The glasses come off, and the other side of me comes to life. Nights and weekends are devoted to indulging those who are dedicated to masculine muscle worship, ensuring that my clients and followers get exactly what they’re looking for! My goal is to build my physique as I progress in life, following both of the careers that have come to love. So when you are thinking about chatting with me, bear in mind that I will provide it with 100% effort and showmanship. It really comes across in my shows how much I really love to do this … ;-)

weight: 225 Lbs waist: 32 In. chest: 50 In. bicep: 20 In. thigh: 36 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: -20
BUILD: Fitness Model
muscleluv_20, 06/17/15
It was one AMAZING show!! Loved every minute of it!! Can't wait to have another with him!!
piggy_bank, 02/13/15
Josh gave another great session this morning. Thanks guy!
puppybear, 02/13/15
Josh gave another great session this morning. Thanks guy!

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