While we are waiting for to itemize his wish list and training needs, feel free to contribute any amount - will appreciate it, and it will help cover his gym fees, training, competition costs - and you'll know you've helped sponsor a worthy athlete and achieve his maximum growth!

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Hugh Hunter

Hugh Hunter

Porn Star | Actor | Singer | Dancer | Host | Fitness Advocate | Activist | Twitter: @HughHunterXXX | Facebook: HughHunterMedia | IG: @hughhuntermedia | Tumblr: HughHunter

weight: 225 Lbs waist: 34 In. chest: 51 In. bicep: 18 In. thigh: 34 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 43
BUILD: Fitness Model
kafender, 11/04/15
Love every minute of the show!
Origamigui, 10/14/15
Love this stud. Verbal, Aggressive, Dominant, amazing body & a big cock....he did it all for me and i know he'll do it for you....GREAT SHOW!!!!!!
Tat2dgySFO, 09/18/15
Seriously---crushing on you :)
kafender, 09/07/15
What a cum shot! Great Performance!!
kafender, 09/07/15
Superb! Hugh is impeccable and horny!
Origamigui, 09/07/15
NASTY!!!!! and i love it....dominant musclestud with a dirty fuckin mouth that loves to use it and use you
kafender, 09/07/15
Fantastic show. Hugh is excellent and sensational!!
MusclLuv, 08/27/15
Hugh Hunter is more fun than I have ever had on any website EVER. Don't miss this guy - whatever you do, HOT.
Puff, 08/27/15
Can't believe it - he's still rock hard !!!! He's a monster
Origamigui, 08/27/15
Fuck me sideway....he's amazing. Dominant & nasty talker with a body build for riding, worshiping, and fucking. MORE PLEASE!!!!!
Puff, 08/27/15
My Goodness! Hugh Hunter is a wild animal! So dominant! So alpha! I'm still all sweaty.... need to catch my breath :-)

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