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Gordon Arkhos

Gordon Arkhos

You shameless dirty mind, cum on in and watch me flexing, stripping, and stroking my cock. Do you like uncut, veiny meat? I have a fetish for jocks, help me find out the hottest posers to squeeze my cock in. I love knowing that you are watching me while I'm masturbating and sweating. Write to me and tell me your fantasies. I want to know. Also... don’t forget to send me your requests… Now, cum on in and watch me masturbating and flexing

weight: 235 Lbs waist: 37 In. chest: 49 In. bicep: 19 In. thigh: 28 In.

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Private Message
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 55
BUILD: Heavy Weight
BisexArtur, 12/03/16
great slips
Cockfaggot, 11/06/16
sexy mother fucker - use me like the fag bitch i am
catbum, 10/02/16
Wow! Just "wow!!" This guy is freakin amazing!
BisexArtur, 09/28/16
Love him
BisexArtur, 06/12/16
BisexArtur, 06/10/16
amazin fundoshi :)
BisexArtur, 05/22/16
lancelamar, 05/16/16
hot as always.
soccerguy27, 05/16/16
GREAT SHOW!!! Delivers everytime!
BisexArtur, 05/15/16
Amazing show in very fast time :)
JohnnyG, 05/03/16
uncut cock. perfect.
LeatherBoi5512, 04/17/16
Thank you for a wonderful show Sir. You are great with a nice body
musclefucker16, 03/08/16
Having Gordon in a private chat is a great experience. Very sexy, very erotic and very imaginative and a superhot body. He is definitely worth each buck you will spend on him.
Pig4muscle, 01/11/16
Fuckin Ace. Daddy bear type. Dirty. I like that.
lancelamar, 12/27/15
so nice to me
scottlayne, 12/05/15
if you spend some pvt time with the muscle god, you will come back for more
msho53, 11/07/15
Awesome show! What an absolute stud and a pleasure to watch and play with. Highly recommended!
scottlayne, 11/01/15
God could turn all my wild fantasies into a hot show
bento, 10/10/15
Gordon was amazing...you won't be dissapointed!
scottlayne, 10/09/15
got everything I asked for, super nice muscle god!
scottlayne, 09/26/15
hot as hell!!!!and super nice! wish I could see his face someday
ncbearlvr, 09/05/15
Fantastic show .. hot muscle man ..
nice_balls78, 08/24/15
Wow! Thanks Gordon for the awesome show! Those nipples & dick are simply yummy. Nice white underwear putting his crotch right in my face to show just how dominant he is. I love Gordon's pecs, biceps & thighs. I love everything about this man. He's a sure shot. Take him private. You'll have a blast & cum.
Origamigui, 08/15/15
Dominant, strong, and pumped...great show with some hot playing and posing!!!!!
MusclLuv, 08/06/15
Gordon Muscle is one of the best, most generous guys on this site. Seductive, smart, always half naked, and quick to get our of his pants. Plus he's got amazing pecs, big nipples, great ass.
bgmuscle, 08/04/15
wow this guy is awesome !
Origamigui, 07/30/15
HOT SHOW!!!! Nice posing and posers, hot muscles, thick uncut cock....everything was YUMMY!!!!!
Sherlock, 07/24/15
Gordon is a dream. Champion poser - so nice. Thanks Gordon!
nicktaylor, 07/15/15
hot muscle god, knows how to make it hot
Origamigui, 06/20/15
Hot muscle, dirty talk, Uncut dick....YUMMY all over!!!!!
Khine, 06/20/15
best experience I'v ever had on here, was wonderful and easy to be with, his muscle and pecs are beyond amazing. friendly and responsive to be with, and once in private the show will leave you more than satisfied.
muscledave, 06/18/15
Gordon is a real champion. HUGE pecs ...... and what is down below is big too. Friendly, ....will do as you ask ....... but a serious MUSCLE MASTER ....... who will show and do all to make you gush with desire. CLICK and you will not be disappointed.
MusclLuv, 06/17/15
FANTASTIC NEW ADDITION. Total muscle bear! He gets down to business, and he's super nasty. Love it! Thanks for the show, big guy!
Puff, 06/17/15
I could only do a very quick show with Gordon, but I won't easily forget his nipples - I'll need to come back for more!

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