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Ronnie Flexxx

Ronnie Flexxx

I'm a 6'4 300LB jacked straight dominant alpha male that was born superior and born to be worshiped. Every where I go I'm treated like a celebrity and love watching people stop whatever they are doing just to get a glimpse of me. Random people come up to me all the time just to compliment me and tell me how awesome I look. I always wear tight shirts and tank tops just to intimidate people and make them drool in awe. I'm as confident and cocky as they come and have no problem showing it. When I go out to a night club with my friends women approach me all the time even if they have a boyfriend or husband. When you look like me you can fuck any woman you want without any effort. I love pumping iron in the gym and consider the gym my second home. I'm by far the strongest guy in the gym and can easily bench over 500LBS for reps. I'm one of a kind and the hottest stud that you will ever worship. Come see me in private and see awesome I am and why people always come back for more. I specialize in muscle worship and domination. I have tons of slaves that serve me online and in real life. Worship my huge muscled body and watch me bounce my pecs like crazy while my deep cocky voice sends chills down your spine.

weight: 280 Lbs waist: 36 In. chest: 60 In. bicep: 21 In. thigh: 30 In.

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Private Message
I'm a male interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 32
BUILD: Heavy Weight
COUNTRY: United States
angelus, 05/15/16
My Goodness he is so brutal !!!! Loved every minute of it
subsub, 04/14/16
He is so brutal! So huge!
WorshipU013, 09/29/15
Ronnie's the classic Alpha Male Studd!! He's Great, nice voice too! Aim's to please, no problem, definitely HOT Bod!!
Marco, 05/16/15
wow.this dude is awesome!
Sherlock, 04/28/15
GREAT performer - and FREAKING HUGE!
LoveMuscle, 03/07/15
thanks. it was great
night view