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Jake Dredd

Jake Dredd

Well,I'm somewhat mischievous, but with a good heart. I like a lot of things. As you can see I'm working. I love meeting new people who like to talk and tell me their stories. I love taking care of my body I consider it a temple which I am very proud of him. I also like playing with myself, but playing with others is much more fun! When I'm not on cam I'm busy studying, hanging out with my friends, and having a good time! I am a mischievous guy I have many fantasies. Some are. I would like to be on a night flight, while everyone sleeps having hard sex in the airplane bathroom with the pilot. I would like to be in a wedding, it is late and I find myself in a room with the bride for coincidence, after a conversation and a few minutes she has her white dress and we are fucking in doggy style, suddenly the groom enters the room and is excited to see us and start touching his cock, suddenly she and we see him excited he joins us and we do a thresome in which I also fuck him. I would like to be fucking with you and at the highest point of excitement send me a giant tip and that makes me explode my cum in the most exciting way ever felt for me and for you.That will leave a mark on me and I would make you someone special for me It excites me a lot and I get really hard on the fetishes. I like these and with your help I want to know and enjoy others more. I really enjoy someone who comes up with ideas to get to know my body parts in unexpected ways. Role Play, Worship Muscles, legs, feet, armpit, nipples. I tend to be very expressive, and a bit cerebral at times. Aside from being a very sexual person, I have an intellectual side. I enjoy hearing about peoples stories and experiences.I enjoy making good friends. I'm a man strong and determined to fight for myself and my friends. I am very excited about fetishes, the more strangers I like.I can become what ever fantasy you desire, all you need to do is tell me what you want. I like to live life as if it were the last day I like interactive people :)

weight: 175 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a male interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 22
BUILD: Mid Weight
COUNTRY: Colombia

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