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I’m a national level bodybuilder, and with my Black and Dominican mix, I offer the very best of these exotic worlds. Here on JockMenLive, I love to show off my BIG, ripped, strong, sexy body as I pose and FLEX for my loyal fans. My idea of private performance involves flexing all my naked muscles, including my juicy muscle ass and my enormous pulsating package. I’ve got to also admit that I love to bust a huge hot load while I’m in private. So take me there now, and I’ll share all this hot nasty man muscle and man juice with you. But be ready, because like I said, on me EVERYTHING is BIG and I know how to use it. That’s why my very good friends like to call me Freaky Ty. I do take requests and I’m also VERY open-minded. But remember, I’m in control in my private room, and if you choose to come in, I’m gonna make you mine!

weight: 230 Lbs waist: 28 In. chest: 50 In. bicep: 21 In. thigh: 32 In.

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I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 35
BUILD: Heavy Weight

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