While we are waiting for to itemize his wish list and training needs, feel free to contribute any amount - will appreciate it, and it will help cover his gym fees, training, competition costs - and you'll know you've helped sponsor a worthy athlete and achieve his maximum growth!

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When I get lonely and bored I come online for some fun... hope u guys will have fun with me :) I know that a muscle go-go dancer type like me isn't supposed to get lonely - I mean, aren't there a lot of guys who want to meet me and play? But I can be sensitive too. I am a muscle hunk college jock just looking for buddies and a good time, and will show you my muscles and more, and maybe we can get something going!

weight: 200 Lbs waist: 32 In. chest: 50 In. bicep: 19 In. thigh: 30 In.

Hey! Let's hook up! Send me a message

Private Message
I'm a male interested in MEN.
AGE: 32
BUILD: Mid Weight
Puff, 05/24/15
Giovanni is a handsome young stud, very eager to please - it's always a pleasure to tae him to private
Puff, 04/18/15
I finally got ahold of Giovanni! After seeing him so often coming and going and always busy in private. Well... I bet he is always in private! He is a college jock by definition: young and handsome and very muscular. He is the quarterback of your wettest dreams
shredded_4242, 02/13/15
Giovanni does good shows. He's cooperative and very compliant and extremely good looking.

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